nucleo-H743ZI2 port unidentified

I recently bought nucleo-H743ZI2 board and tried to connect in windows10. Although device manager detects STM board, port is not detected in COM. The red led is turned on while connected via USB but there is no green led indication in the board. Please let me know the possible solution.
We are only trying to check connectivity of the board but nothing else and it is not working at all.
Note: All the jumper configurations are as default sent by the manufacturer.

Hi @pri-user, first let’s verify the jumpers:

STM32CubeProgrammer software for all STM32:

and let’s double check the board firmware:


@Robert. Thanks a lot for your support. Now the board is working fine. We installed stmcubeprogramming and connected the board as per the given jumper configurations and its fine now.

Awesome, glad it works for you now!