OLED Display Benefits

When comparing LCD and OLED technology, it is important to review and become familiar with the differences and similarities between them, specifically when looking at Character and Graphic displays. A few key points that are unique to LCD Character and Graphic displays are: they are highly customizable, one can pick between different bezel sizes, there is a variety of backlight color options, and there are three different polarize choices- transmissive, reflective or transflective. LCD displays also come in a positive or a negative mode, allowing the user to create a look that is most ideal for their end application.

OLED Character and Graphic displays have no backlight, thus giving them a high contrast ratio. OLEDs also have a higher refresh rate, wider viewing angles and increased temperature ranges, making these displays great for colder weather. Lastly, OLEDs have a smaller footprint than LCDs. A few similarities between LCD and OLED Character and Graphic displays are the size ranges, that both technologies have similar power consumption, and the Character displays come with built-in font tables. Both Character and Graphic LCD and OLEDs are offered as modules, meaning there is no need for extra boards or logic.

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