Omrom Relay replacement G8P-1A4P-V DC12

Looking to replace the relay on my oven.

The current part, Omron G8P-1A4P-V DC12 is discontinued. Any suggestions on a direct replacement?

Thank you!

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. You can take a look at Digikey part 2449-J115F11A12VDCS6.9-ND . It’s not exact, some of the ratings are higher for this relay but the pinout spacing matches which can be a challenge when replacing relays.

Thanks very much, Steve. Unfortunately I’m just the owner of a 14 yr old Dacor stove (oven not working) and have had the relay board removed. I’ll order this part and then find some one in Toronto to fix it.
best, Lisa

Hello Lisa,

Have you considered performing the repair yourself?

You may be interested in this video which shows soldering tips for removing large components such as the relay.

Best Wishes,


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Hi! Thank you. I’ll review the video. Might have to take it in for this.
very much appreciate your help.

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