Omron PLC Demonstration Hardware Selection

This section covers the selection and purpose of the hardware used in the PLC demonstration. The next section covers the modification of the enclosure and the connections between the components, Hardware Setup.

Internal Core Parts

The first core component is the selection of the PLC used in the demonstration. The selected CP2E-N30DR-D uses relay outputs and has available a fair number of inputs. Another consideration was the inclusion of the network ports for programming and the expansion of an Human Machine Interface (HMI). The PLC also has expansion available to include 3 additional addons and the options to add RS-232 and RS-485.

To provide power to the CP2E-N30DR-D and the connected components, Omron’s 24VDC 120W, S8VK-C12024, was selected to provide enough power for the different outputs and future expansion as the demonstration continues to evolve.

For circuit protection a 3A circuit breaker, 9926251003, from Weidmüller was selected. The power supply has a typical current requirement of 2.2A to provide the 120W for the 24VDC.


The components will need to be mounted onto a panel that fits into an enclosure. Putting the parts on a panel will help install and cable manage the initial install of the components.

For the enclosure, the EN4SD20168GY from Hammond is 20" L x 16" W x 8" D.

The inner panel that will hold the components is part EP2016. Both parts will need to be modified to mount the parts needed and connect the internal and external components.

The details regarding the modification is available is section two of the PLC Demonstration Guide.

I/O Components

With the core internal components selected and the enclosure that will house them. Next is the selection of the I/O components.

Omron’s E3FA-RN21 sensor is a NPN retro reflective sensor. The sensor can be configured to Dark-On or Light-On for the output. It has a sensing range of .1m to 4m.

The selected indicator for the output is Banner’s tower light TL50CGYRAOSIQ. This is a tower light with 4 outputs, 3 colors Green, Yellow and Red and an alarm. The volume can be controlled by using a resistor inline.

Terminal blocks are used to help quickly add additional component to a PLC system. For this PLC setup there are 4 blocs of terminal blocks. The below terminal blocks are from Phoenix Contact.

The first set is for the AC power and includes a white terminal block, 3211778, for Neutral.

The first set also includes three green/yellow terminal blocks, 3211766, for Earth Ground that are jumped together.

The next set is for 24VDC power and is a set of 16 black terminal blocks, 3211776, half of these will be jumped together for negative and the other half for positive voltage.

The third and fourth set are each a set of 16 gray terminal blocks, 3211757. One set is designated as the inputs and the other is designated as the outputs.


The additional accessories listed below are needed to finish the PLC demonstration.

American Electrical TS3575SL
13 inch DIN rail for mounting terminal blocks and core components

Banner SMB30A
Support bracket which will hold the tower light and be mounted to the enclosure.

Banner MQDC1-506
The 1.83m (6’) cable used to connect the tower light to the PLC.

Conec 17-150014
This couple allows passthrough of the RJ45 cable from the PC to the PLC for programming.

Essentra CG-PG9-2-BK
Two of the cable glands are used to allow the cables of the tower light and the sensor to passthrough the enclosure.

Essentra CGLN-PG9-BK
This is to secure the cable gland to the enclosure.

Heyco M3243
Strain relief and cord grip for the AC power into the enclosure.

Omron E39-L183
Mounting bracket for the sensor.

Omron XS2F-M12PVC4S5M
The 5m (16.4’) cable to connect the sensor to the PLC.

Omron E39-R1S
Reflector for the sensor.

Phoenix Contact 3030349
The five position red jumper is used to jump the positive DC voltage at the black terminal blocks.

Phoenix Contact 3036961
The five position blue jumper is used to jump the negative DC voltage at the black terminal blocks.

Phoenix Contact 3032240
The three position gray jumper is used to jump the Earth Ground terminal blocks.

Phoenix Contact 3240189
The raceway is cut to fit the width of the inner panel to provide cable management.

TE T4171110005-002
The 5 postion M12 panel mount connector is used for connection cable connections that will not pass through a cable gland.

Tripp Lite N201-002-YW
Connects the coupler to the PLC for programming.


B&F Fastener MLWZ 004
M4 Lock washer

Keystone 4709
M4 Nut

Keystone 29324
M4 Slotted screw


3M 17022-ES
The command strips are used to mount the sensor and the reflector.

Brady M210
The printer is used to label wires with wire markers.

Brady M21-500-499
1/2 inch wide white labels provides a smaller wire marker.

Klein 25950
A 4 piece step drill bit set has a hole size range of 1/8" to 1-3/8".
Includes 1 oz. bottle of cutting oil.

Molex 0640160042
Crimp tool 10-22 AWG

Weidmuller 1445070000
Ferrule crimp tool 7-26 AWG


14 AWG is used for 120VAC and Earth Ground connections.
There three colors of wire used in demonstration for the 120VAC and Earth Ground:

Alpha Wire
3079 BK005

Alpha Wire
3079 BK005

Alpha Wire
3079 GY005

16 AWG is used for the 24VDC and signal wire.
There are four colors of wire used in the demonstration for the 24VDC and signals:

Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group

There are five different terminations used on the cable lengths below.

CNC Tech
20-24 AWG Ferrule

14-16AWG #1/4 Ring Terminal

Phoenix Contact
14 AWG Ferrule

Phoenix Contact
16 AWG Ferrule

Phoenix Contact
14-16AWG M3.5 Spade Terminal

Length AWG From To Color Quantity
8" 14 Ferrule Ferrule Black 1
9" 14 Ferrule Ferrule White 1
9" 14 Ferrule Ferrule Green/Yellow 1
9" 14 Ferrule .25 Ring Green/Yellow 1
9" 14 .25 Ring .25 Ring Green/Yellow 1
26" 14 Ferrule M3.5 Spade Green/Yellow 1
8" 16 Ferrule Ferrule Red 1
8" 16 Ferrule Ferrule Black 1
8" 16 Ferrule M3.5 Spade Blue 8
8" 16 Ferrule M3.5 Spade Gray 8
9" 16 Ferrule M3.5 Spade Blue 8
9" 16 Ferrule M3.5 Spade Gray 8
14" 16 Ferrule M3.5 Spade Red 1
14" 16 Ferrule M3.5 Spade Black 1

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