Op-Amp "input common mode voltage"

I need a single circuit Op-Amp as follows:
Supply pin 7: 12 volts
Pin 4 ground
Able to amplify from the range of 100 mv to 200 mv up to an output of 1v to 2v.
I used an MCP6231 and it worked but was limited to 6v supply.
I used an LF356N and it didn’t work.
I was told it was because of the “input common mode voltage”
The MCP6231 works down to -300mv.
The LF356N required +3v.
I hope this makes sense.
Will the TLV271P work or is there another single that would work?


Yes, a TLV271 should work for your application, and yes there are others which also are likely to do the job.

This post contains more detailed information on op amp selection and theory. In a case such as you describe, it would be necessary to select a “single supply” device, which the TLV271 is.