Obsolete Op-Amp OPA129UB Cross

OPA129UB; 2156-OPA129UB-ND is an obsolete low input bias OP-Amp made by texas instruments. I used the following specs to find a cross with similar low input bias:

Specification Name Value
Ampifier Type General Purpose
Voltage Supply 10-36V, +/-5-18V
Package/Case 8-SOIC (.154", 3.9mm Width)
Current - Input Bias 0.03pA

The closest item I could find was part number LMC6061AIMX/NOPB; Digi-Key part number LMC6061AIMX/NOPBCT-ND. While the input voltage is different, you could still technically work with 10 to 15.15V single side source or +/- 5 to 7.75 dual side source. Sometimes you have to compromise with certain values to find something similar. The input bias is .01pA which is still pretty small.

Here is a list of other potential crosses: https://www.digikey.com/short/47fn7c just in case.

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