Orientation barrel? re: Amp socket contact 1-794610-1 Micro Mate-n-lok Series

The contact socket referenced above has three barrels? One insulation, one wire and one orientation. My crimper iws 3220M will do 2 barrels at a time. Any clue what to do with the third barrel?

Also how to intert/remove socket contact from housing?

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Referencing the below App. Spec. from TE conn.
Page 6 shows how the contact is meant to be crimped.
The inner/more forward “orientation” section is not altered by the crimping process.


Extraction tool 843996-6
843996-6 TE Application Tooling | Tools | DigiKey

TE lists, “An insertion tool is not required to insert contacts into receptacles.

Thank you so much.

You kept me out of the deep water.