PA0060 QFN to DIP Adaptor questions

I would like to know if a QFN chip can be hand soldered to the PA0060 adaptor. There are no directions on how to solder the chip that I can find. I only have access to soldering irons. If I can solder it, what type and thickness soldering wire should I use? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as I have little experience with soldering electronics.

Since the PA0060 adapter doesn’t have a center GND connection, you ‘might’ be able to get this work. But you will need a very small tip on your iron and probably a magnify glass to check your connections…

Really, just pick up a hot air station and the QFN would be easy to solder…


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Thank you for your response, I will look into it

Hi jm6886,

We have another adapter you might want to check out – the 1988-1051-ND from Schmartboard.
It has solder pre-loaded in the traces and a recessed area to hold the chip in place. For this board, you’ll need some liquid flux and preferably, a fine-tip iron. It even allows for soldering the center pad present on many QFN chips via a hole under the pad area. To solder your chip, you apply some water soluble liquid flux and then just slide your tip along each solder groove toward each pin.

Here’s a link to a video showing how it works. It looks like this as you push the tip toward each pin:


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