PADS Maker Edition closes immediately

Installed PADS Maker Edition, entered the license information as I received in the email, and as the program starts up, closes instantly with error " PADS Maker Schematic application has encountered a problem and needs to close."
Did not uncheck the boxes, I then clicked on OK and the app keeps closing immediately. I was never able to use it. image
I also tried uninstalling then reinstalling the app, didn’t help.

Any help is appreciated. (OP.SYSTEM: Win10Pro)


Welcome to the TechForum and sorry to hear about your issue. I will check into this and see what I can do to help.

Reid L

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Hi Reid,

Is there any hope this can be resolved?


I have reached out to Mentor to enlist their help on this. I am awaiting their response.
Reid L

Do you have a Dropbox already setup on this computer before installed PADS Maker?
If so, please follow these steps as a work around until we can get a fix out.

  1. Uninstall PADS Maker and PartQuest utilities using Add/Remove programs
  2. Go to C:/Users/your_user_name/AppData/Local/Dropbox and rename info.json to something else (ainfo.json for example)
  3.   Reinstall PADS Maker and PQ utilities
  4.   Set PartQuest to use Direct Download rather than Dropbox

To use PADS Maker, rename your info.json file