Panasonic discrete parts to ROHM parts

Panasonic transfers various Diodes and Small Signal Transistors to ROHM. These products include:

  • Diodes: Schottky, TVS, Zener, Switching and Fast Recovery Diodes
  • Small Signal Transistors: Bipolar Transistors, Transistors With Built-In Resistors, Junction Field Effect Transistors

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Here is a list that may help you to be a quick search the suitable replacement, but please note that some may not be pin compatible.

Panasonic x-ref to ROHM.xls (327.5 KB)

In the list, the color code is
a) No color: Pin compatible
b) Blue: Character compatible but different package
c) Yellow: Proposing multiple package replacements
d) Beige: Not pin compatible but characteristics compatible

For example, when looking DA2JF8100L from Panasonic, it is EOL. It can consider RFU02VSM8STR from ROHM as replacement because of characteristic compatible but not pin compatible…