Panasonic PLC & Red Lion HMI

Hi there, I have FP7 CPS31ES PLC available on the site, and is my first time connecting with Panasonic PLC,
Could you please advise, which software and its version would be suitable for the PLC mentioned and if the software is free to sue or paid?

Same with Red Lion G304K200 HMI.

Hello Abhishek,

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I found some info on the program software for FP7 all versions on Panasonic website and it looks to be the Control FPWIN Pro7 - Panasonic according to the data sheet page 34.

Seems the part numbers for the software would be either the AFPSPR7A or AFPSPR7AS

Unfortunately seems we don’t carry the software but it does have to be purchased.

The G304K200 from Red Lion come with their Crimson software within according to their brochure. However the G304K200 is obsolete.

Here is the download page for Red Lion’s Crimson software.

There is a note that you will need to ensure that the firmware version is 3.2.0050.0 on the HMI when using the latest version of the Crimson software. The page also includes older versions of the software.

Dear Irfan,

Thank you for coming back to us with the information.

We are in the process of sourcing a license for the Panasonic PLC software, FPWIN Pro 7. We have confirmed and the exact part number of the software we need is AFPSPR7AS.

Could you please provide a quote for this software license?

Additionally, would it be possible to contact you for any technical assistance required while working on this PLC on site? Alternatively, could you recommend an integrator or engineer who could guide us through this PLC program during our on-site work?

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Hello Abhishek,

I’m sorry I cannot provide a quote for a part that we do not stock unless it is processed through our Special Order Form (click here). Also there will be a lead time and possible minimum order quantity needed for such request though we will not know what that would be until the quote is complete.

You can post general questions in regards to your PLC programming and other technical needs in our tech forum. We would not be assigning any specific person to it.