PandaBoard ES Rev B3 - Missing dtb files for kernels >= 5

regarding this great tutorial Debian: Getting Started with the PandaBoard
For PandaBoard ES Rev B3, dtb files are missing… I realized that when used serial connection to debug why the board is not booting up.
Using file with the -es suffix (not -es-b3) causes the boot loop.

Thanks @mareksierocinski.cdq i’ll take a look at this, it’s been awhile since i booted the Panda, just need to grab it from storage.


Yeah, I know what you mean :slight_smile: Mines were also on the shelf, but I recently thought that I could use it as a Octoprint host. I used your tutorial many times before, and old kernel 4.20 works, but I have a problem with usbserial. And I don’t know if it’s kernel’s fault or Alpine Linux which I’m using as a distro. The problem is that when I connect the board to my 3D printer, with kernel 4.20, the /dev/ttyUSB0 will not appear if the board is running already. I need to reboot it and then if the printer is connected to the board right away during the boot - the /dev/ttyUSB0 appears. But next problem is that it’s always root root 600, where it should be root tty 660. Alpine is using mdev system and I checked rules - those are looking fine. So my guess is that it’s may be the kernel issue? I don’t know, but I would like to check. Also 4.20 is a bit old already (yeah, I know that Pandaboard is really old board too :slight_smile: ).
Thank you for your help!

That’s a nice use for the Panda!

Okay, pushed the dts changes from the last release to v5.10.x: Commits · RobertCNelson/armv7-multiplatform · GitHub

Please test, still looking for my board.


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Thank you @RobertCNelson ! 5.10 works like a charm!
I started from scratch and used Ubuntu 20 minifs from Index of /rootfs/eewiki/minfs .
/dev/ttyUSB0 is now properly root dialup 660 :slight_smile:


I am using a Pandaboard (UEVM4460G-02-02-00) and I am having problems installing the operating system (Ubuntu 12.04 preinstalled desktop armhf omap4), when connecting the serial and restarting the card I get the following error:

U-Boot SPL 2011.12 (Apr 02 2012 – 18:13:04)

Texas Instruments OMAP4460 ES1.1

SDRAM: identified size not same as expected size identified: 0 expected: 40000000

When using the preconfigured Buildroot image for PandaBoard omap4, in the serial I get the following error:

spl_load_image_fat_os: error reading image args, err –2

Now I have tried with the svtronics user guide but it still does not work.

Hi @jafet.salgado that’s expected…

Ubuntu never patched their 12.04 pre-installed desktop for the PandaBoard ES Rev B3.

I would say to contact them directly, but support for that image is long gone…

Feel free to use the ‘open-source’ side of the Panda: Debian: Getting Started with the PandaBoard

The patch i include here, includes a timing fix, that works on the ES Rev B3 and older devices…

+/* Comment out next line for ES Rev B3 or A4 with new "M" Micron memory... */

it works much better then SVTronic’s app note…


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I tried to follow the instruccions to install debian but I have some errors when configure and building:

/bin/sh: 1: bison: not found

Make[1]: *** [scripts/makefile.lib:226: scripts/kconfig/] error 127

Make: *** [makefile:503: omap4_panda_defconfig] Error 2


sudo apt update ; sudo apt install bison


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Now I have these error:

cc1: error: bad value (´generic-armv7-a’) for ‘-mtune=’ switch


This means you either opened a new terminal or never set the CC variable in the guide.