Panel opening size and screw spacing

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Is there a drawing of the mechanical dimensions of the panel end for this cable? dr-BC-HXXXF.pdf shows the wiring, but says nothing about the mounting dimensions. Bel’s website has nothing else about it either.

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I was also not able to find any mechanical dimension of the panel mount connector on this cable assembly. I’m in process of reaching out to our product management personnel who may have that information but if they do not they will likely have to contact BEL Inc. for it, so it may take a few days for us to obtain this info. Once I have some feedback from them I will reply to this post here with the information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi again Mark,

I received a reply from the manufacturer on this inquiry. Below is what they provided:

The screws are 25.3 mm apart.

Here are the dimensions for the female HDMI.

Hope that helps.

Thanks! That does help, although they’re still missing a bunch of dimensions. But I can take the drawing and scale it appropriately to derive the ones I need, since I have a single dimension for reference.

Ya gotta wonder…if people are expected to design this into a panel mounting, the least they could do is to provide a recommended panel cutout. Maybe you guys could add that to your documentation? I’ll model the thing and send you a STEP file if you’d find that useful.


Usually the panel cutout dimensions are in the data sheets of most panel mounted connectors. Can’t really say why this one does not have it.

Here’s a dimensioned drawing based on the image and the hole-hole center dimension.
BC-HF001F HDMI bulkhead panel outline.dxf (58.0 KB)