PARABOLIC Antenna RGP-MBF4-6099-17F-TA-001 for good 4G signal


I am Aditya and trying to get good 4g LTE signal in my rural area in maharashra raigad.

I have a few questions before purchasing this antenna from digikey.

The distance between the tower and my home is 4 km the signal is weak so I am thinking of purchasing a 4G router which can connect to these 2151-RGP-MBF4-6099-17F-TA-001-ND digikey antenna which can boost the signal.

So here is my solution

  1. Purchase TP-Link Archer MR600 4G LTE router
  2. Purchase 2151-RGP-MBF4-6099-17F-TA-001-ND digikey antenna
  3. Connect them with LMR 400 Coaxial Cable SMA Male to N Male Connector

So my question is Will this work ? Or Is there any better alternative than what I am thinking.

Thank You,

Aditya ghosalkar

I’m not going to be able to comment on the actual reception in your case, but your hardware setup is sound.

Just be sure to take your time getting the actual signal in 1-2 degree increments and let your phone adjust to the new signal.

Thanks Michael…1-2 degree is really small how to measure that signal strongly while setting up

The datasheet notes the position you should have it in (I would assume position 2 or 3 for cell use) and to use a spectrum analyzer if you can. If not then you just need to trial and error the measurement until you have it right.

Link to our datasheet/brief.

Thank you Michael…