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hi i’m trying to get a part number for this fuse marked 5A
approximately 6mm in length

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Hello blueoceansurf7. Thank you for using the Forum. These are the stocking options for 5A surface mount fuses – these are 6.1mm in length. You’ll want to check the other dimensions, the voltage, and whether your fuses are slow blow or fast blow.

6.1 mm length is ok
input voltage is around 38 volts dc so 40 or 50 volt dc rating would be ok
height and width around 2mm
manufacture won’t give info on fast or slow blow
could i get part numbers for both
thank you

I went with 60Vdc, as we don’t have 40Vdc or 50Vdc options. The height of these is 2.72mm – there are two fast blow options and one slow blow on this link.

In that circumstance I try fast blow first and if they blow again then I try slow blow.

thank you i ordered fast and slow blow
do you think there’s a problem using 120 volt rated fuses?
power coming in is 38v dc

Most fuses have two voltage ratings, AC and DC.

As long as the rating is higher than the circuit voltage it is OK.

The fuses linked by @Jenny_1307 are rated at 60VDC, so those are definitely OK for your 38VDC circuit.

great, thank you

success!!! manufactured wanted 500$ to fix but
with everyone’s help on this forum it was fixed with under 5$ in parts
came down to fuse and tvs diode.
thanks to all


Awesome, thanks for the update!