Part Identification - Female Connector used on LiPo Battery

I’m trying to locate the following connector, what type it is and availability. It is used to connect a BMS to a large 16.8v LiPo 4S2P 68Ah battery. Any help in identifying it would be greatly appreciated.

Female Connector 6x2
2.5mm (approx) pin spacing
12.6mm (approx) width
6.5mm (approx) height

Todd Crenshaw


PUDP-12V-S seems a likely candidate, though unfortunately it appears to be out of stock at present. Note that contacts would be sold separately–P/Ns for such can be found as associated product down a ways on the page linked above.

Thank you Rick for the information. That does look exactly like the two I have, right down to the markings on the left and right side. I’ll keep looking to see when they come into stock. Again, greatly appreciate the help!