Part Identification

I am trying to identify the connectors shown in the attached images. They measure out as 25 mil square posts with a 100 mil pitch, single row with locking tabs, and I have 5, 8, and 14 pins (grey housings) and one 5 pin (black housing). These headers are through hole mount (solder) with a staggard PCB footprint (approx 150mil front to back), mate with female receptacles that have individual 22(?) gauge wires which are mass terminated when you lock the shroud down on the receptacle. They were used on circa 1989 Philips CD decoder circuit boards and Rowe/AMI jukeboxes.

If we had something it would be in our Rectangular Connectors > Free Hanging, Panel Mount category. I’m not seeing that we have anything like that.

Perhaps you could make something work in our 100mil Rectangular Connector > Rectangular Housing category.


Hi @derek.olsen,

I recall salvaging decades ago this type of connectors from a Neolithic era video tape recorder.
The pin receptacle seems to be Stocko’s MKS 4230 series
See page 10 at:

However, I could not find the header. MKF series plugs look similar but the retention locking mechanism system is different.

I hope this helps,
heke, AsamaLab

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