Part Request

I need to order a Tag-Connect TC2030-PKT-NL. Can it be added to the Digikey system?

Hello, welcome to the Forum Community. I am checking with our Product Manager to verify if we can add this part to our system. I’ll let you know his reply.


If that option doesn’t work out for some reason, you might want to consider “Rube Goldberging” it using the following combination:

  • Plus the TC2030-MCP-NL RJ-11 to Tag-Connect no-legs programming cable

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Thnx, I had already ordered that combination for the engineering lab, however the TC2030-PKT-NL is a better long-term solution when I make the test kit for factory programing. (less pieces to deal with).

Hello Mark - I wanted to let you know that our Product Manager has been in contact with the manufacturer regarding TC2030-PKT-NL and he will be adding it to our system. He is working on getting pricing and will be getting it added as soon as he has all the details.