Part Sourcing - Self Blinking Colored 0805/1206 LEDs

Part Sourcing - Self Blinking Colored 0805/1206 LEDs

Good day. I can not find any self blinking LEDs in your catalog. These are meant to be a flashing indicator. No additional circuitry needed other than a current limiting resistor. They just flash at 1 or 2 Hz when powered on. Could you please offer help? Thank you.

Hello @CyberCityCircuits!

I did some searching but only found a limited number of self-blinking lights. Most are not in stock right now, though they are available for purchase. I did not see any surface mount options however, here is what I found:

2368-NTE3030-ND (in stock at NTE, directly shipped from them) (list of 5 parts, non-stock but available with lead times)

Thank you. I know that SMT variants do exist. I have them on a board on my desk, but the part number will continue to elude me.