Parts going into an aircraft, compliance with CFR14 Part21

Cirrus wishes to purchase parts for airplanes but need to meet criteria set forth by FAA. Basically our suppliers have to notify us if parts change and agree to show us the drawings of the changes and get our acceptance before using the new parts. if suppliers for Digikey make a change to their parts without changing part numbers will you know and then in turn tell Cirrus. Number two is if we need to go to the manufacturing location to conform parts for certification testing can we do so trying to understand your agreements with your suppliers?


I’m not familiar with the nuances of CFR14P21, but it seems you’re looking for a level of change control that might be encompassed within the PPAP guidelines common to the automotive industry. Such programs tend to be engaged with a manufacturer directly and with implicitly large purchase quantities, since most suppliers aren’t willing to take on the burden to make an extra fifty bucks a year…

While DK does receive and publish product change notices, this occurs within the confines of the fine print found on most datasheets disclaiming any responsibility to do so. Unfortunately, I suspect that most of the standard inventory would be inaccessible as a result if the regulations applicable to your circumstance do indeed require more stringent change controls.