Pass Through RJ45 Connectors

Instead of using the traditional type of modular connector, where you have to cut the wires to length and then pass through a load bar or into the back of the modular connector. Pass-through Modular connectors from these series (Pass-Thru™, EZ-RJ45™, EZ-RJ45®) make it easy to strip off the outside jacket of the Cat wire and pass the wires through the housing. Then with a special crimp tool is used to terminate the wires in the modular housing and cuts off the excess wire.

Cat ratings supported:

Registered Jacks (RJ) supported:
6p6c (RJ11, RJ12, RJ14, RJ25)
8p8c (RJ45)

Cable Type Supported:
Round, Oval, Solid, or Stranded. Shielded or Unshielded.

Platinum Tools

Applicable parts

Platinum Tools numbers
202044J, 100047C, 202003J, 202051J, 202010J, 202052J, 100028C, 202036J, 202048J, 100003C, 100026C, 100010C, 202049J

Platinum Tools Datasheet

Klein Tools, Inc

Applicable parts

VDV826-729, VDV826-703, VDV826-702, VDV826-728, VDV826-763, VDV826-762,

Klein Tools, Inc Datasheet

Winchester Interconnect

Applicable parts

300568EZ, 300668EZ, 300668SEZ, 300566EZ,

Winchester Interconnect Datasheet

Specialized Tools

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