Passive Components Reliability Datas

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MIL-HDBK-217F document is referred for passive components, but I could not find reliability datas such as failure in time or MTBF values clearly in this standard. In below, ı specified some chip resistors(thin and thick film) and capacitors(ceramic, tantalium).

C0402C101J5GACAUTO(Ceramic Capacitor)
T59EE226M075C0100(Tantalum Polymer Capacitor)
BFC233820103(Polypropylene Capacitor)

AC0805FR-0733RL(Thick Film Resistor)
RT0603DRE07280KL(Thin Film Resistor)

Could you please help and explain for doing my reliability studies, how ı can find clear solution?

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Welcome to the DigiKey forum. I sent a request for this information and will post the information when I receive it.

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I will wait for your kindly response.

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