PCB Build and Assembly: Fast Turnaround & Decent Prices?


I have used PCBway for my PCB orders and turn-key assemblies in the past with great success; however, the turn around time (25-35 days) is too long for the my current project in order for my to meet my deadline.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a faster turn around company that offers build and assembly for low-volume that still has decent prices?

I found www.protoexpress.com and rushpcb.com but I wanted to see if anyone had any personal recommendations.

Thank you!


I’m not sure if anyone here uses those PCB manufacturing services enough to offer an opinion on turn-around and pricing, but they might have experience from an occasional project. We do see steady traffic from customers working within the PCB assembly companies, but we don’t gather any information from them. Those pricing and lead-time conditions are volatile, too, so the data could change within a few months based on industry and market factors.

If nothing else, try to find an online site (a technical or industry blog, for example) that issues a rating of PCB manufacturers on an annual or semi-annual basis. I tried the search phrase “PCB Manufacturer Review 2020” and was able to locate a few relevant articles. You might be able to focus the results with better search terms related to low volume and pricing.

Be sure to add a recent year to your search (2019 or 2020) and check the date of any review that you find to be sure it wasn’t posted many years ago.

@Bill_Gust, thank you for your reply. You make a great point and I will follow your advice.

Thanks again!