PCB Builder Supplier Region Display Issue

In the PCB Builder, we have identified a bug that displays certain suppliers on a region’s website, even when they do not provide support for that particular region. To illustrate, let’s take Poland as an example for DigiKey’s website. Here is the list of suppliers that appear:

Currently, the only suppliers offering support for the EMEA (Europe Middle East, Africa) region are GSPK Circuits and Precision Circuit Board source.

It’s important to note that if you select a supplier that doesn’t offer support for your region, your custom board with all the chosen attributes will not populate into the cart.

We are actively addressing this issue to ensure a seamless user experience. For a comprehensive list of regions and the corresponding supported suppliers, please visit our dedicated topic: Supplier and Regional Support Guide for PCB Builder

If you encounter any difficulties with file uploads or purchases, please don’t hesitate to inform us by leaving a comment.