Add to Cart button not working on PCB Builder

I uploaded my gerber file to PCB Builder and the board loaded in the preview screen fine. When I click add to cart and agree to term in the pop up then nothing happens. I am selecting advanced circuits as the supplier. I have tried refreshing and trying again. I have tried different browsers but haven’t been able to add it to cart. This is an rush job so any help would be great. Thanks in advanced!

The problem is that I wanted to ship to Canada but PCB builder only works in the US.

Hello @orders,

PCB Builder only works with USD currency.

Here is how you change your currency:

  1. Click the flag icon at the top of the DigiKey website.

  2. Toggle the USD icon and click update


Once complete you can go back to the PCB Builder tool and complete your upload.

I do want to note that not all suppliers deliver to Canada. Precision Circuit Board and the DigiKey Red Quick Turn and standard shops will deliver to Canada. Apologies for the other suppliers showing, that is a bug that we are currently working on.

Let me know if you have any other questions or issues.