PCB Builder Currency Acceptance

At present, the PCB Builder exclusively supports purchases in USD. If you’re accessing the DigiKey website from a different region, your default currency may automatically switch to that region’s currency, thereby preventing you from adding customized boards to your cart.

You can identify the specific DigiKey website you are currently using by checking the information displayed at the top of the main page.

By clicking on this icon, you can both view your current currency and make changes as needed. For instance, here is an example from Germany.

The default currency is EURO; changing it is a straightforward process – just click on the USD option. Once updated, you will have the ability to purchase boards from the list of approved European suppliers. For a list of regions and supporting suppliers check out this post: Supplier and Regional Support Guide for PCB Builder

If you continue to encounter difficulties when placing orders through the PCB Builder, kindly inform us by using the comment section below.