PCB relay with 3 channel

Dear All,

Greetings, I am not an expert in electronic field and would like to ask advice from the experienced. I am planning to design a PCB board but I have space constraint, I am looking for a component that can have 3 channel that can provide 3.3V with 3A which only 1 channel can channel power through at a time. The only component I can think of right now is a PCB relay, however I cannot find any 3 channel PCB relay, or it doesn’t exist at all?

Please advice.

A single normal relay has only two states that are selected by turning the relay coil on or off. A single relay can switch multiple circuits but only two patterns. Relay - Wikipedia

There used to be stepping relays with multiple states available but I don’t think any company makes them in this century. Since the the 1980’s the function of stepping relays has mostly been replaced with digital logic functions. Stepping switch - Wikipedia

If you want to manually choose states you would use a switch not a relay. Three or more postion switches are common.