Pcb routing impedance of analog signals

hey there,

can anyone tell what is the pcb routing impedance of analog signals?
standard impedance matching of analog signals.


As far as I know there is not a standard impedance value as multiple factors come into play. With designing around the energy deflection between the source and the load, it can make for a daunting task. You need to make sure to match the impedance that comes form the output from the source, the actual impedance that is across the trace, and the actual impedance of the load.

May I know in which impedance stack should we place analog signal in a pcb layer while routing…is it 75ohm or 50ohm?

It depends on your application, the nature of the analog signals (frequency spectrum, current range, voltage range, waveform), and what the components on your circuit board are designed to interface with (50 Ohm, 75 Ohm, or something else). Those are all specifications of the components you are using; not something we can tell you.