Track at 90 degrees, good or bad?

I had read at TI design rules that 45 degrees are not preferable as compare over 90 degrees, but it doesn’t really matters if I am using voltage less than 1kV.

But to make the PCB so perfect I need not have this angle issue but it generates when we use freerouting software, it routes some of the track even at 90 degrees. Why so?

And how it is possible to do impedance matching Kicad?


I would highly recommend that you post this question to the KiCad Forum -

The people that are involved with that forum are more familiar with freeroute and would be more familiar with impedance matching in KiCad.

Thank you,
Reid L.

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Sir @ReidLandsrud, can you please explain how I can do the impedance matching in kiCad, please share the solution, article or video if any.


Are you trying to create a layout for impedance matched differential pairs. Or what is the application? As that will make a difference as to which resources I can point you to.

Reid L

I am building the PCB for the controller and for perfect I had read that one must check the impedance matching of the designed circuit.

So I asked about the impedance matching.

Are you trying to control the impedance of a single trace?

Are you trying to control the impedance of a matched pair of traces?

I want to control the impedance match of a single - single traces for the circuit.