SATCA-3C1GF-GPB1 PCB artwork

The Top View of the PCB artwork on the datasheet shows a 50ohm trace to the RF connector, but the trace width between the matching network and the antenna looks narrower than the 50ohm input trace. Is this trace supposed to be a different impedance?


I must qualify by saying it’s a topic out of my wheelhouse, but this would seem to be the case given the prescription for a matching network and assuming that the diagram was derived from a test board somebody made somewhere.

There’s that “not to scale” disclaimer though, and info missing regarding board material & thickness. A person could try working from scale & backing out that combination of factors based on the resultant 50 ohm impedance, but in the end a person will probably still need to get out the network analyzer and take measurements to accommodate for the peculiarities of process & material.