I am using Kicad 4.0.0 version. I found an issue in integrating the ICM-2948 with Package TFQFN-24 on PCB where track is not allowing to connect through IC’s Pad. Either pads are close enough to resist the track to connect or pass through.

Please suggest what to do?

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Can anyone help with this request?

So To whom I should tag?, Please help me out, @Verna_1353 and Thanks for replying in this topic.

Can anyone from either from @Digi-Key or @Kicad officially, solve this solution ?

I have not used version 4 for many years, but I doubt this is a limitation therein.

I do not believe I understand your request correctly. Are you saying that you can not connect a track/trace to a pad on the ICM-20948? Can you send a screenshot of the issue?

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So here is the screenshot, I had started the Route Track option in order to connect the ICM-20948, but when I clicked the pad of IC in order to start the trace, it would start.
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I hope you can find this useful.

The default clearances on a new PCB project are usually set to around 8 mills (0.2 mm), which is too tight to get a trace to connect to a pad on a tight pitch QFN package. Meaning the clearance of one pad will interfere with the trace as it connects to another pad.

Depending on which board house you chose to use for fabricating your PCBs, the clearance from one signal to another can usually be tighter that the default in KiCad. (Most board houses will specify a minimum space and trace)

You can change the minimum clearances in the Design Rules dialog box. If you use net classes, the clearance will need to be changed for each class. If you use the default class for all nets, you will only need to change the one. Clearances of 6 mills (0.1524 mm) worked well for me with the 24QFN package. The width of your trace will also play an effect on being able to connect, mine was at 9.84 mills (0.25 mm) at the time I got this to work.

Again, I hope this helps.

Reid L.

Thanks @ReidLandsrud, I had gone through the rules given by OSH Park (https://docs.oshpark.com/design-tools/kicad/kicad-design-rules/), this article f=gives the same information or stats you given but even then ICM-20948 does not connect.

But after working on 8-9 hours on it I found the right track width to connect to ICM-20948 with 24QFN package.

Thanks @Brian_German and @ReidLandsrud

Which version do you prefer to use @Brian_German and @ReidLandsrud?

And can I let me know which how to integrate FreeRoute in Kicad version 5.1.1?

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I usually use 5.1.5

We are happy to help, but in the future you may find answers much faster by searching https://forum.kicad.info/

I have been using a separate Java version where you export your DSN file, open and run in the FreeRouting software, save the DSN, import into PCBnew.

The version I am using has this for the About page…


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