PHB47NQ10T,118 Spice File


I’m after the simulation (.spice) files for the PHB47NQ10T,118 component, does anyone have copies of them? or can suggest an identical MOSFET to use in simulation in its place?


Hi scott.bradley,

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I was unable to find a spice model for the PHB47NQ10T. I checked both Nexperia and NXP’s websites with no luck. I can’t suggest an identical MOSFET, as there is no such thing as an identical MOSFET.

However, Infineon suggests the IRL2910STRLPBF as a very similar part. Here is a link to the spice model for that part. Obviously, it won’t have identical characteristics, but hopefully it will help. I would suggest that you carefully compare specs from their respective datasheets and use that information to tweak the values in the model.