Phoenix Contact Relay / input voltage confusion!

Phoenix Contact Relay PLC-RSC Series

There has been some confusion regarding this series of relay and what the input voltage selection should be.

Looking at socket 2966032 as an example you have may notice the input voltage rating is 110VDC/120VAC.

Digikey Part Number: ‎277-4847-ND

Phoenix Contact

Relay Socket DIN Rail


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Socket Relay Assembled
2966032 2961118 2966197
2961134 2966281
2909643 2909651
2909647 2909657
2966605 2966650
2966621 2966744
2967963 2967879

This might drive someone to select the 110/120V input voltage and then never look back. Some folks however have continued on reading and have noticed that on the relay itself there may be a different rating.

Digikey Part Number: 277-4838-ND‎

Phoenix Contact

Relay Socket DIN Rail

This 60V rating on the relay gets most people worried as they do not want to damage it. You do not have to worry. Inside of this base you will find a bridge rectifier and a voltage divider. This delivers the appropriate 60V to the relay sitting within it.

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