PIC MCUs technology

What is the technology process (Node) for (PIC16C, PIC16F, PIC16L, PIC18F, PIC18L, PIC24F, dsPIC33E, dsPIC33F, dsPIC33CK) MCUs ?
I can’t find it anywhere even on microchip.

Here you may get a very little information.

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You might get more information asking Microchip directly but may be required to show proof of needing the information and being a large enough customer to be worth helping.

In the past they have felt that their choices of process technology have given them a competitive advantage and kept details secret. Also they have rather frequently changed the process on many products so just keeping an accurate compiled list would be a chore.

I’ve been using Microchip micros for over 20 years now and can’t think of a single time that Microchip’s process technology choices had any direct impact on my design work.

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