Please help to find Starte Down and UP Angled Micro USB to USB 3.0


Please help find two types of 3.0 Micro USB B to USB A cables Up & Down Angled (90 degree).

I have found these (see below link), and they can work for me, but I would like to buy in DigiKey.

Thanks in advance

Good morning Yurik,

Thank you for contacting the DigiKey TechForum. Unfortunately, the screw mount connectors in a right angle are not available at this time…

Hi Jim and thank you for your help!

How about the same modification (Up and Down), but without screws? If I can find any in DigiKey?


Hello @yurik,

I think these cables from Fresh Digit that we have on our site are similar. The pics show them plugged in on our site but it appears they have the same connections as your image.

Here is the Fresh Digit datasheet for your reference.