PMIC options

I’m looking for a programmable PMIC

System Requirements

  1. 13.5 VDC input
  2. 20A output
  3. GPIO or capability to run 3 motors
    -additional GPIO to use as trigger wires to turn on/off said motors
  4. Be able to regulate voltage to at least 1 motor

bonus features would be thermal protection and reverse polarity protection

Thank you for any help in advance

Hi _nivek,

The system you described is doable a number of ways, but finding an optimal PMIC may be a challenge. Further specification would be useful to narrow down the solution. A few questions:

  1. Is that 20A output for each motor or for combined?
  2. Is motor direction control required?
  3. Does the “regulate voltage” mean regulating the speed of the motor?
  4. What is the target size of the solution?
  5. Does it need to be a plain PMIC or would PMIC+discretes do?

So, perhaps you could start with a motor control module (x3), like

Hope this helps,
heke, AsamaLab