PN WES51 (WES51-120V-ND) Manufacture recommended cross

PN WES51 ( ) is obsolete. The manufacture recommended cross according to the EOL in PN WE1010NA (WE1010NA-ND)

Digi-Key Part Number WE1010NA-ND WES51-120V-ND
Manufacturer Part Number WE1010NA WES51
Manufacturer Apex Tool Group Apex Tool Group
Type Soldering Soldering
Wattage 70W 50W
Voltage - Input 120V 120V
Plug Type Included, Not Specified NEMA 5-15
Voltage - Output - 24V
Number of Channels 1 1
Control/Display Type Digital Analog
Includes Iron Holder, Screwdriver, Sponge Iron Holder, Probe
Base Unit - WES51PU
Supplied Iron, Tweezer, Handle WEP70 PES51
Supplied Tips/Nozzles ETA ETA
Workstand - PH50
Temperature Range 200°F ~ 850°F (100°C ~ 450°C) 350°F ~ 850°F (177°C ~454°C)
Features ESD Safe ESD Safe, Temperature Control

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