Pollution Degree 3 AC to DC Power Modules

Hello, please help find pollution degree 3 certificated AC to DC power modules for 5v, 12v, and 24v , we prefer DIN Rail . Thank you.

Hello Yux,

Thank you for contacting Digi-Key’s technical support.

I know we can get you the right parameter power supply but we wouldn’t know about the pollution degree 3 certificate. If you want us to find you a power supply and you can verify the certificate let us know.

Thank you

Pollution Degree 3 is an environmental rating, it’s normally listed in the datasheet. but most are Pollution Degree 2. It’s so hard to find degree 3. Thanks anyway.

Pollution Degree is a concept invoked more in context of creepage and clearance limits for board-level design, and thus doesn’t tend to be listed as a parametric property for functional end products such as a power supply. At the product level, one’s more likely to see environmental tolerance specified in terms of IP ratings, with ratings >IP5x implying that the amount of crud floating around is immaterial, because it’s prohibited from coming into contact with electrically active internal features.

Asking for a supply characterized for pollution degree 3 thus tends to imply an IP rating of <4x, meaning an electrical appliance that is open to allow conductive dust and debris to flow through and/or accumulate, and which is perfectly content to operate under such conditions. That’s not all that easy or cheap to do.

More common practice is to put one’s DIN rails inside an enclosure to protect against ambient pollution, and fill it with equipment designed for use in the PD2 environment created therein.