Can onboard TDK PX-M03 series Power Module be wash-cleaned?

The primary goal of cleaning printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies is to ensure cleanliness and remove harmful contaminants like flux residues from assemblies. Can you clean onboard mounted PX M03 series power modules such as PXCM0324WS05A from TDK-Lambda after assembly?

These onboard PX M03 series power modules can be cleaned, but please pay attention to the cleaning process.

Before cleaning process
PX M03 series power modules and their associated application PWB assemblies should not be wash-cleaned after soldering until the power modules have to cool enough within the cleaning solution temperature. This helps prevent vacuum absorption of the cleaning liquid into the module between the pins and the potting during cooling.

To clean this power module, TDK suggests the below cleaning agents

Cleaning Method Classification Cleaning Agents
Ultrasonic Wave Water Type Deionized Water
Ultrasonic Wave Solvent Type IPA

Cleaning Process
In an aqueous cleaning, it’s preferred to have an in-line cleaner system consisting of different cleaning stages (prewash, wash, rinse, final rinse and drying). Deionized (DI) water is recommended for aqueous cleaning; the minimum resistivity level is 1MΩ-cm. Tap water quality varies and
is not recommended for aqueous cleaning because its quality varies by its hardness, chloride and solid contents.

The total time of ultrasonic wave shall be less than 3 minutes.

After cleaning, it is necessary to dry the power module enough to ensure that the moisture and any contaminants are removed.
Recommended baking condition: 80 degree C, 2 hours

Product appearance after cleaning
After cleaning, the marking or date code may fade or disappear. There is no functional effect on its characteristics.

Source from TDK-Lambda Cleaning AppNote