J3011G21DNL cleaning method

Hi, My name is haruyoshi yamashita.
I’m an engineer of OYO ELECTRIC CO LTD.

We use J3011G21DNL(surface mount RJ45 connector) with our PCB board.
After we reflowed the PCB board, can we clean PCB board using alcohol or water based
Also,could you tell me the optimal cleaning method of J3011G21DNL connector?

Any thought and any answers would be applicated.

Best Regards
Haruyoshi Yamashita


As a general rule, component manufacturers recommend using a no-clean assembly process for connectors, switches, and other components that have hollow spaces capable of trapping moisture.

Together, difficulties in removing trapped moisture, the tendency for dissolved residues to be left behind, and variations of chemistry and process create a number of situations that are impossible for a component manufacturer to test in order to guarantee performance.

As long as an item does not contain any materials (paper for example) that would be directly damaged by the wash solvent however, you are free to test and qualify any washing process you might choose to try, with the understanding that the component manufacturer will not be responsible for any bad effect on performance or durability.


Thank you for your mail and advices.
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haruyoshi yamashita