XP Power 1470-4740-ND Water Wash Guidelines

XP Power’s RDE20 series is a PCB Mount DC-DC converter module which is encapsulated, potted, and washable.


However, you need to be aware of the guidelines for washing the device.

Here is the supplier recommendation for the water washing notes:

  1. Use deionized water to clean, DO NOT use general tap water.
  2. DO NOT use ultrasonic cleaning and soaking method.
  3. Make sure any residual water between the DC-DC module and the PCB is removed and the
    PCB is fully dried after cleaning. Product performance or reliability can otherwise be affected.
  4. If in doubt, complete the PCB first and then install the DC-DC module after the cleaning

Since not all wash processes are known, customers should always test their specific process to confirm compatibility with the device.