Power plug for stepper motor

Hello, I am looking for the part number of this plug. It is from a Moons’ stepper motor (TSM 17Q…) Center to center spacing of plug is 3mm. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your inquiry.

I’m not seeing a visual match to your pluggable terminal block in our system. I think there is a chance that center to center spacing (pitch) might be 3.5mm.

I looked through Moons TSM17Q selection, some of them mention a different part number that doesn’t look like that one and has screw termination instead of spring cage. Many of that series do not mention what connector is used for power, just that it’s included in the box. Do you have a full part number for what motor you have?

pn tsm17q-2rg-b0801-75-ak1-0


We do not have a match for a terminal plug like this, with a 3mm pitch.