PRE 57079 PWM-DC

I recently purchased a PCB that is supposed to convert Pulse Width Modulation current to straight DC. The item number is PRE 57079, 5 amp Linear Plug & Play Board.

I operate battery powered large scale LGB trains. To control the trains I use a product manufactured by G Scale Graphics. The particular module is their Railboss Plus. The Railboss Plus takes power from a 14.8 Volt Li-On battery pack and through the PCB converts it into PWM.

This system works fine for all but one of my locomotives. This particular locomotive doesn’t like PWM. So I was directed to Digi-Key and their PRE 57079 PCB.

On my test bench I powered up the 57079 from my Railboss Plus Module and connected the output terminals to the locomotive. Unfortunately nothing happened. I checked the input voltage with a meter and then checked the output. No reading on the output !

I am attaching a photo of the PRE 57079. The photo shows the jumper required as per the hobby shop owner I purchased everything from.

Well, I’m not sure the photo made it to this posting.


I could not find part number PRE 57079 PCB. Do you have the DigiKey part number?

I thought that was the Digi-Key number. I’ll email Gigi-Key again. They directed me to this forum. By the way, did the photo show up of the module ?

You didn’t get that from Digi-Key, looking at google:

This looks like it… Active Linear Plug & Play Board - ACCESSORIES - Products


I believe you are correct. I was given the wrong info. Thanks for clarifying. I’ll try to contact them.