problems with the marking of 308-1578-1-ND

Dear Colleagues,

Could you please help me with the following problem as I am unable to contact with your technical support till Wednesday.

The matter is: we have received the item 308-1578-1-ND from you (salesorder# 68701538). On the parts there is a marking “CS” but according to the data sheet it should be “CD”. Could you check please why so? What CS means?

There are photos at the attachment.

Thank you for help.

Best Regards,

Anna Rask

SCS Finland

Customer Number 9846821

Hello AnnaRask:

According to the datasheet, the part is marked with “C” and the S will be the date code. The S indicates May of 2020.

Dear Jenny,

Thank you so much for fast reply and information.


After checking I have not found this information in the datasheet. Could you please show from where I can check that it is DC marking

Best Regards,

Anna Rask

SCS Finland

Customer Number 9846821.

Hello Anna:

The date code is not listed in the datasheet, that is from an internal document that we have here at Digi-key. The
datasheet column which indicates the marking is the column with the heading “Stamp”.