we received the part LS7084N-S
marking on part is LS7084-S but as per datasheet it should be LS7084N

Please advice the part is ok to receive or not with this LS7084-S mark

Hello upen,

I took a look and didn’t find a explicate marking guide for this unit, but I do note that the SOIC and DIP versions of the chip share the datasheet and omit the “S” from the chip. So no marking advisement is available on that particular unit.

If you otherwise need an assertion made about the markings of your part please tender your salesorder number and photos of the IC to and we would review this on a case by case basis.

Note that we may forward you to the MFG as this is a marketplace part; we won’t have in warehouse access to the part.

Per the supplier:

The LS7084N and LS7084N-S share the same data sheet with identical pin assignments. The only difference is the package type, (-S) parts are SOIC vs DIP without the -S.

For the data sheet click here
For the part number LS7084N-S web link click here
For the part number LS7084N web link click here