Product version clarification

STMicro have confirmed there’s an issue running their example software on certain versions of B-LCD40-DSI1 (497-16715-ND). We’re looking to purchase a number of these but don’t want to if the version is incompatible with ST driver software. Is it possible to do a visual inspection on
497-16715-ND to determine the ‘A-XX’ version number as shown in the attached photo?

Hello dave.bryan, Welcome to the Digi-Key Techforum.
It is possible to check the warehouse. But if there is multiple options, they may not be available when you place the order. The best route is to put a note when you place your order. Something like, will only accept version A-06 through A-22. If you know a specific one that you do not want, you can specify a note like, Will accept any version, except A-17. This information will be looked at when the parts are picked and packaged, so you get the correct item you want.

Thanks David, that seems like a good solution. However, would it be possible to look at just one LCD so I can advise our client on whether there’s a chance that Digikey can supply any parts that will work with software we previously supplied ?