Need Clarification Reg Purchasing PTC-04-DB-HALL06

We are in the process of acquiring the PTC04-DB-HALL06 Daughter board to program our application sensors, specifically the MLX90510 and MLX90513.
According to the latest datasheet obtained from Melexis (REVISION 9 – 18 May 2022), it is imperative to have a PTC04-DB-HALL06 with a minimum revision of 3 for compatibility with all these sensors.


When attempting to purchase the PTC04-DB-HALL06 Daughter board from DigiKey, there is a notable absence of information regarding the revision number, as depicted in the attached picture for your reference.
Furthermore, the datasheets available on these platforms are outdated and do not provide details on the board’s capability to program MLX90510 and MLX90513 ASICs.

Could you please help to confirm this compatibility? Are the generation number and revision number are same?

Attached the latest datasheet for reference.
PTC04-DB-HALL06-Datasheet-Melexis.pdf (1.5 MB)

Hello @krishnaprasad.p

Welcome to the TechForum.
DigiKey is unable to provide part specific details of stock prior to shipment. If there are any special requirements for your order, please include them into the order notes and DigiKey will attempt to accommodate.
As for the datasheet I have sent a message to our website team to get that information updated to the most recent datasheet.

Hi @krishnaprasad.p ,

Thank you for reaching DigiKey TechForum. Please see our product managers response below that he received from Melexis:
“For all of these we shipped rev 7.1.”