Melexis PTC-04 programmer

The PTC04-DB-81106 from Melexis is a daughter board for the Melexis PTC-04 programmer. Together with the PTC-04 it supports end of line programming for the following Melexis components:

The PTC04-DB-81106 needs to be mounted into PTC-04. This module supports the programming via “Standard LIN”, “Fast protocol” and the MLX “Test interface”.


More information provided by manufacturer,

  1. LIN - “parallel” broadcast programming is possible

  2. FastLIN - No parallel programming is possible

  3. Test interface - No parallel programming is possible

Test interface and FastLIN are much faster than LIN in cycle time.

Test interface - ~6s
LIN - ~94s
FastLIN - ~13s

Also, Test interface generally can’t be done in circuit (on the application PCB), LIN and FastLIN can.

Practically speaking 15 LIN slave nodes is probably a good limit for “parallel” broadcast programming using LIN. You don’t quite get 15 in the same time as one though because the status checks during the programming process should be individualized per IC. The nodes need to be auto addressed during the programming sequence for proper “parallel” broadcast programming via, so that’s another consideration as well since their application circuit may not support that.

Hi i am using Labview to control the Melexis USB LIN Master for upload FW into LED pcba.
my question are:

  1. how to set the configuration via Labview? may change the platform or something.
  2. where can I get the document/instruction of DLL for Labview sample?


Hello @kim,
Melexis has an application note on PTC-04 and Labview that can only be accessed via “” once they provide access. You will need to complete the sales contact form on “” to request access.
Best Regards,