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Do you know of solutions That could cool a volume of 0,2 litre to at least -15 C, fast?

Hello @bjorn.alsnas

I am not sure if we have anyone who will be able to help you answer your question as cooling takes some fairly specific calculations and conditions to get to a specific temp. That being said if someone was to attempt to find a solution we will need a lot more information.

What exactly are we cooling? Liquid, metal, air
What is the starting temp of the object/material?
What are the environmental conditions?
What are we using to cool? Liquid, air, Peltier module
Size or electrical limitations? Are you trying to cool using batteries or industrial refrigeration?
What is your definition of fast?


I am new to this and came accross Peltier method and if possible that might be a starting point. I was recommended to look into a “multi-step” from e.g Marlow.

More specific I am asking about:

Cooling air, volume 0,2 litre in a closed container, at starting temperature of 20/25 C to -15C within 30-60 seconds.
The environment is ‘ normal room’ and it is a small device not to be run continually with access to ‘ normal’ electricity.


This post, this one, and this one should all offer information and examples relevant to the task at hand.

Bottom line, one needs to account for the thermal capacity of the dry air itself, any moisture in the air that has to be condensed out and frozen, cooling any hardware that comes along for the ride, thermal leakage of the system, and match that against the capabilities of available cooling devices.

The ask here is likely within reason for a single-stage peltier-based system, and under no circumstance would I ever recommend a series multi-stage peltier system if there is any practical alternative; the things are wretchedly, awfully, despicably inefficient as a refrigeration mechanism and grow exponentially more so when one starts stacking the things up in series.

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