Programmable I/O as external trigger


This board has programmable I/O and logic. I’m wondering if these pins can be made to receive an external trigger. i.e. if those pins can be made to be edge sensitive and directly cause action - not through an interrupt or interrupt like routine. i.e. as long as they can be used directly to cause action through a short logic chain, that will be fine.


I will submit an inquiry to verify.

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The EK-U1-ZCU104-G is a development board features an AMD / XILINX ZYNC device ( MPSoC XCZU7EV-2FFVC1156). This offers several different trigger options including internal connections to a real-time processor as well as options involving the FPGA fabric.

SYNC options

The demo board features an FMC socket allowing the board to be connected to a large number of ADC boards. When combined, the resulting device operates as a high-performance oscilloscope or function generator.

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Thanks, much, Aaron.

Can you tell me the buffer capture size?

Depends on the application.

However, if we assume half of the RAM is available for the application, and we assume a 16-bit word size, and we assume the memory is fast enough to capture all samples, then we can estimate a buffer size of about 1 million samples.

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